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s she wanted of him so he flings himself down in the boat, shielding his eyes from her glory and this isn t Protection Face Masks what she wants, not at all, not even slightly, she knows all about worship and values it in its place, but not from this lad so she.Tells him to get up, and asks him straight out without pause for thought, she says get up I want you to come back with me up the moon s track to live with me in the moon and teach me what love is he does get up, and he stands there trembling.In his boat before her, and he doesn t know what disposable masks wholesale to say and after a while special mask he gets his courage together and he says I ve got a girl at home I m next Protection Face Masks best thing to a married man and she frowns, all terrible, and the lead stag paws the water.Snorting, sending up the spray, and she says but don t you want me all these ages I ve never once loved anyone, and now I do and Protection Face Masks you spurn me and face mask mask he trembles again, fit to set the little boat rocking once coronavirus update california more but the gods don t set their.Sights on fools, mostly, and for sure he s no fool, though younger than he might be if he d had time to get older I ve always honoured you and I always will, but I m just a common fisherman, and as I said, I m promised to a girl on the.Island, begging your pardon if you come with me you could live forever she says, tempting him now but he shakes his head, resolute and up to Protection Face Masks that point she d done nothing wrong, nor him neither but when she sees him shake his head and look.Sad she suddenly remembers how she felt that night she couldn t see him, and thinks about feeling that forever and she casts a spell on him to make him fall asleep, and then she snatches him up out 110 of his boat, tucks him under her arm.And carries him away up the moon s path and up into the sky there he s been ever since there he lies, Protection Face Masks asleep, in a mountain on the moon and she can see him whenever she likes but it isn t like she thought, because she daren t wake him.Because she knows he doesn t want to be there so she may have his sleeping form, and he s a likely looking lad as I said, for any woman or any goddess to pick out but as for what made her fall in love with him, well, that s lost to her just.The same as if she d watched him getting old and dying she can t see him tip his head, or grin, or walk, not when he s asleep sometimes he sighs in his sleep, as if he knows that far below him on the earth his girl s married another and.Borne that man s children and grown old and died and her children and grandchildren have grown old and died and the world keeps turning, and the moon moves around it, and she s still lonely because she still hasn t learned that it isn t love.If you can t let go and I wonder sometimes, if those american men in the rockets they called apollo, that they should have called selene artemis, as I said at the time to everyone who would listen, as some of you will remember, I wonder if.They saw him asleep up there in the mountains of

the moon but I don t think they would, because they were all men and they don t know how to look they did it all wrong, they had no imagination of what they were doing but I wonder if we might. Send a woman up sometime, to walk on the moon I think we will, somebody will, it doesn t matter who the woman will walk away from the rocket and meet the moon walking on the moon costco flooring review then they d ride together in the chariot and talk about love. And life and what it is to be a goddess and what it is to be human I d like to do that oh, I d dearly love to build a temple to the moon on the moon, with pillars of white lunar rocks and then the woman it would have to be a greek woman but. There are plenty doex of those everywhere in the world the woman would go up into the mountains where he s sleeping and sighing, and she d lean over and kiss him he d wake up, and he d think it was his lost love from long ago, because this woman. Is maybe the descendant of that girl, or maybe just 3m surgical looks a little like her, and it s been a long time and they d live together Protection Face Masks on the moon, and maybe they d fall in love and maybe they wouldn t, because life s like that either way it would. Teach the moon something she could do with learning as vrathi came to the end of the story, she also finished the hem of the left leg of the little pair of trousers she was making she bit off the thread 111 neatly in the Protection Face Masks little silence that. Followed as dafni drew breath to speak, vrathi looked up at eleni and do you know the name of that man asleep on the moon, the man the moon loves I think eleni began tentatively, and then more confidently I think I remember learning in. School, although the story wasn t the same, that his coronavirus az name Protection Face Masks was endymion ah, they had the story wrong in athens, did they vrathi laughed, starting to hem the other leg good that you know it right now to tell it to your children children need. To know that you can only love what lives and grows and moves and changes eleni set down the jacket in the basket of completed clothes stood facial masks at walmart and went to pour everyone more lemonade that is a very Protection Face Masks good end for that story, vrathi, said dafni. Decisively I never heard that Protection Face Masks before, about the woman who will wake him I like that vrathi laughed I am too old, and Protection Face Masks so are you dafni, and all your daughters are married it s past time your son found a wife, for that matter but maybe it will. Be one of your grandchildren who will go and wake him when great pan is reborn there will be all sorts of new beginnings maybe they will build a Protection Face Masks village on the moon to look at the stars and give it his name I really hope so, said dafni. Smiling and I hope they build a temple to the moon on the moon, like you said, that would be something to see I hope so too, that would be very good said eleni, sitting down again, picking up fresh material and a large pair of scissors all. The women smiled and nodded, heads bent, hands moving busy about their preparations 11

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2 chapter 15 the assumption marie if all you hold are dreams, and words are deeds then you must trust your dream and make it known for if you dare not act.You Protection Face Masks cannot speak and Protection Face Masks helpless, mute, you cannot count or care I do not like this enclosed mall with its pastel colours, concrete flowerpots and advertising hoardings it makes me feel hot at the back of my neck, and cold deep in my stomach i.Walk past a car someone is trying to sell for charity, brushing aside the offered leaflets Protection Face Masks the lights are too bright, and the music is cloying, tinkling travesties of best drugstore masks for acne brahms and mozart there are eyes on me everywhere I smell of work, of the.Perfume I wear to the office my feet ache as I walk through the crowds, trying not to notice them they have bland blank faces but their moves are threatening they do not see me they do not know me they will not tear me apart good lord.Protect us there are so many people here they crowd about me, coming too close they carry bright bags of shopping I avoid their eyes, slink through them, past children running, adults pushing, alone, in groups so many there are always too.Many people here I don t like to come here we always used to come to buy her shoes, because they have good cheap children s shoes there are lots of broad halls, like streets, I always have trouble finding the right shoe shop then I would.Have trouble deciding what to buy I never what ight mean come here for clothes, even though there is a cheap place it is only just possible to buy something here for her, and quite impossible to buy something for me she always wanted to run away and climb.And I always made her hold my hand children run along fast, it is dangerous, there are things 113 to fall over and so many people everywhere running is for outdoors, for the park, I used to tell her she wanted everything, when she was small.Sweets and toys and brightly coloured clothes in all the windows we would walk along fast, as I am doing now, ignoring as much of it as possible, the same chill inside me there are some big boys in school bandana face mask uniforms going round and round on.Roller skates, careless, confident, expecting people to move away from them Protection Face Masks I go a long way around to avoid them I should have taken the letter to the police it sits in my bag in accusation, the brown envelope, slightly torn at the corner.The little note from eleanor folded into the typed page every time I open my bag I see it, the strange bright roumanian stamp looking at me in mute guilt and hope it is the first hope I have had, all this terrible time the police told me if.I received anything to take it to them they Protection Face Masks did not disposable face masks for sale usa think I would she looked bored and uncomfortable, he looked concerned and awkward they had seen so many parents I think doctor carol must have told them I might be hysterical they had that.Wary look, though I was quite calm I telephoned them every week, but there was never any news this might be the only clue they

have there are other children, lots of other children but what could they do, so helpless in this sort of world. They would give me a guard, perhaps that would help against certain things but if a guard was here they would not come fresh pond dental a guard would only be so much use these people have magic they know all about me, she has told them I hope she has told. Them, if not they have taken it from her mind, or from mine that is Protection Face Masks the worst thought of all I never thought that I was making myself helpless to them I never considered them at all, Protection Face Masks I was a fool deliver us from evil if they did not know. Where I work and what time I finish they would not have suggested meeting me here in the cafe in the mall at five thirty I must be wary of what they want they may let her go and take me instead they must want something from me, something i. Can give or withhold otherwise they would not have written, they would just coban technologies inc have killed me or taken me but I do not know how much they know about me she might have told them that I hate this place or they might just know that it is near, and. Public, nobody s territory I can only hope it is not their Protection Face Masks territory maybe I am stupid to walk in here unprotected but what can I do, who can I tell I put my trust in god christ is my arm and christ my right brent cross it says on the Protection Face Masks sign. And there was a cross here once where a queen s body rested the night disposable masks hong kong on the way to burial elly and I 114 looked it up but there s no cross now, no church, no sign of religion, only a red stone lion looking down from a plinth and the name on. The sign the name isn t enough I touch my little gold cross st nicholas and st michael and st george, slayer of the evil worm, be with me now here in the centre I pause, draw breath, turn to the mask types cafe, trying to be calm the cafe is crowded. The bavarian kitchen it is called, but the writing is scrolled, gothic, and eleanor always used to pretend it said barbarian the dark ceiling is low the tables are green and white, there are people sitting at them surrounded by bags, all the. Same colours, the bags of the shops in the mall there are pictures of alps and people in lederhosen on the walls I stand in the doorway, looking for the woman I am to meet dear lord, Protection Face Masks that woman eating an eclair has Protection Face Masks the face of a ferret and. The child she is feeding is a wolf, and the man at the other table is a bear I freeze for a moment because all of Protection Face Masks these people have the respirator mask n95 faces of animals, and they are all eating and drinking from white china as if they were not beasts one. Only is a person still, a woman sitting at table between wooden barriers against the farthest wall she is looking at me and smiling she must be that miriam who wrote to me, and this must be her doing a pet